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what is forex

Forex market is an international money market. Forex formed its name from foreign currency exchange operation: FOReign EXchange, or FOREX, for short. Forex is one of the youngest financial markets and has had its present appearance since the 1970s. Due to the sheer volume of the money market, Forex is the most dynamically developing market.

Forex’s daily trading rotations reach 4 trillion USD, that is 30 times more than the general volume of all stock market exchange in the US. Like any other market, Forex trades certain goods. In the case of the money market, these goods consist of national foreign currency. Fundamentally, currency rates are set by government institutions as well as commerce companies all around the world that need to convert currency for trading in foreign countries. They make up 5% of the general currency market rotation volume. The other 95% comes from speculative trading on the part of traders trying to earn profit from buying and selling currency at fluctuation rates. An important money market feature is its steadiness.

The main financial market danger comes from sudden drops, or when the stock index collapses. However unlike the stock market, Forex doesn’t drop. When stocks depreciate, that means a crash is coming. But should the dollar fall, this simply means that some other currency will become stronger.

Let’s take a look at the yen for example. Within a few months at the end of 1998 the price of the yen increased by 25% in relation to the US dollar. On particular days, the USD decrease was measured with a tenth of a percent. However a drop in the USD, as with any other currency, could not cause the money market to crash, and trading would carry on as before. This is the key to the market’s steadiness, which works for businesses as well. Currency is the most liquid and secure trading tool.

Speculators have a great interest in so called liquid or base currencies. Nowadays over 85% of all deals are in base currencies, often the following currencies: US dollar (USD), Japanese yen (JPY), euro (EUR), British pound (GBP), Swiss franc (CHF), Canadian dollar(CAD) and the Australian dollar (AUD).

Important to getting to know currency trading is understanding the exchange rate notation system. This is relatively simple if you remember that all currency pairs are noted in the same way. Two currency symbols are present on either side of the slash “/”. The correlation of their cost to each other expresses the rate of the given currency pair: EUR/USD (euro to US dollar rate), GBP/USD (British Pound to US dollar rate), USD/JPY (US dollar to Japanese yen rate) and so on.

When defining currency pair symbols, the slash (“/”) symbol is usually absent and the currency pair notation is written: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY.

The concept of money market operations is pretty clear: you earn profit from the movement of one type of currency rate in relation to the movement of another currency rate. The entire currency market consists of currency pair rates, where each one reflects the relational cost of one national currency compared to another. For example, when people say that for 1 euro it is possible to get 34 cents, this means that the currency pair EUR/USD rate equals 1.3400.

instaforex advantages

Our advantages are trading terms that we offer to our clients.

InstaForex bonuses

InstaForex Company offers its clients to get the Welcome bonus to the trading account. The floating Welcome bonuses are credited after every deposit to the trading account through one of the payment systems available at InstaForex Company.

InstaForex bonus points

InstaForex customers are able to use InstaForex bonus points to pay up to 50% of their purchases costs in InstaForex branded store. The bonus points are automatically credited to all live accounts for each closed deal. Broker's partners can earn bonus points by carrying out operations on the currency market or get them from every trade closed by their referrals.

ForexCopy System by InstaForex Company

InstaForex customers can take advantage of an extraordinary opportunity to partake in the no-lose ForexCopy system. Within the system a forex trader follows trades of another one in a real time mode. In order to automatically copy trades, a trader needs to subscribe to a preferred account, adjusting such parameters as a ratio of copying and currency pairs on which trades will be copied and executed. If such a trade turns out to be profitable, a ForexCopy trader receives a commission set earlier for providing this service to the follower.

Forex trading instruments

InstaForex Company gives you the opportunity to work with 107 currency pairs, 200 CFDs on American shares and transactions on gold and also renders ECN broker services. We provide competitive and effective spreads for each trading instrument in order to create convenient trading conditions for our clients.

Deposit size

We offer traders the opportunity to work on the money market regardless of the capital size. You simply choose the most convenient working conditions that suit your deposit and start trading on Forex. You can begin working with a deposit of any size - $10 or $100,000 - gradually increasing it in order to pass over to bigger investments for good profit. Most of our clients began with a $10 deposit, and have developed into professional traders with thousands of dollars. You can do the same!


You can choose any leverage from 1:1 up to 1:1000 depending on the risk management strategy you use when trading. Should you be a long-term trader who abides by conservatism when it comes to capital management, then a 1:100 leverage is for you. But if you are an aggressive type of daytime trader, then a 1:1000 leverage may become your irreplaceable profit tool.

Forex options

InstaForex Company has launched Option Trading Cabinet, a section in Client Cabinet. Option trading implies operating contracts that yield fixed profit with limited risks determined by the trader.

InstaForex futures

What is a futures contract or simply a future? A future is a derivative financial instrument, standard instant exchange-traded contract to sell or buy a basic asset, when the parties (seller and buyer) agree on the price and delivery date only. Futures have been designed to decrease the risks for a basic asset owner.

Forex trading without spread

InstaForex Company provides great opportunities for its clients. You do not need a spread to work on the money market anymore! This gives both new and professional traders even more possibilities! Without spread, the trading process is easier to perceive visually, and technical analysis is more effective for decision making.

Fixed spreads

We do not increase the spread when news is released, that is why our traders can be perfectly sure that abrupt spikes will not cause them unstable profit.

Best swaps among other companies

InstaForex Company offers the most competitive swaps, having abandoned the standard system of making profit with a spread against the client. The company does not take any commission for the swap, as a result, the client does not overpay keeping the deals open for more than several hours - in cases, when opened positions on a currency instrument remain opened at midnight.

Swap-free accounts

Swap-free accounts are designed for those whose trading systems do not consider swaps, or whose religious beliefs forbid them to use swaps. In this regard, swap-free accounts are also called Islamic accounts. When you change to a Swap-free account, the trading terms of the Standard or Eurica accounts remain the same.

5% annual interest

A 5% annual interest is credited on all types of accounts. The interest is calculated for funds not invlolved in trades. InstaForex customers do not need not worry that their profit will decrease due to inflation. InstaForex Company pays a 5% annual interest to its customers at the end of each month!

PAMM system

PAMM accounts service in InstaForex Company is a tool of collective investing in projects rendering investment services. Every client of InstaForex Company can accept investments from other traders or invest funds in someone else`s account and become a share owner in this account.

VIP affiliate program

Every partner of InstaForex has an opportunity to send a request for VIP affiliate program and gain additional advantages compared to a standard affiliate program. Priviledges include higher commission up to 2 pips per trade and individual approach to the account holder.

InstaForex club

InstaForex Company provides its clients with a unique opportunity to become a full-fledged member of the exclusive club of InstaForex international online broker. Membership in InstaForex Club means a range of privileged options; one of the main opportunities is getting special bonuses for each deposit on a trading account.


Under the conditions of the present global crisis, only Forex allows hedging business risks related to considerable rates fluctuations. InstaForex Company is one of the few companies offering its clients consultations on hedging and a program aimed at assets hedging.

InstaForex TV

Forex TV materials cover the latest events, trends and many other aspects of Forex. Watching it, you are sure to keep track of fresh news related to the currency rates movement and be aware of the impact they might have on the currency pairs in future.

Quality of service

Our specialists offer technical customer support 24/7. Even if you use a demo account, you can count on expert advice and get answers to all the questions you may have, until you become experienced enough to start working on a live account. The main goal of our customer support service is politeness and effectiveness when dealing with customers.

Forex analytics

Forex analytics is an irreplaceable instrument of effective trading for numerous market participants. With high quality analytical information and professional forecasts of further market movement at hand, you will always be on top of the freshest market trends.

InstaForex offices

Nowadays InstaForex Company has 260 offices all over the world. Choose the country below to find information about the office you are interested in.

General principles of service provisioning

With InstaForex traders enjoy an entire spectrum of possibilities. If you have become our customer, you can be confident that you will get access to all types of new trading services on the financial markets. InstaForex specialists analyze brokerage service markets and do their best to quickly react to new trends. We constantly seek innovation, staying abreast of competitors development; continuing our regular work, we also introduce new contract types.

Trading platforms

Each company's client can download mobile platform, web platform, MetaTrader 4 and Metatrader 5 platforms. It should be reminded that InstaForex is the first company in the world to have launched MT5 live trading accounts.

Segregated accounts

InstaForex company offers a unique service to its clients - segregated accounts providing protection of their capital from risks of any force majeur situations related to the company’s activity. In a generally accepted sense, the term "segregated account" means storage of clients’ funds separately from the funds of the company.

Account replenishment

We offer our clients a wide range of ways to replenish their accounts - from electronic payment systems to wire transfers.

Bank-level safety of trading accounts

Every customer can protect his trading account from hacking by enabling SMS password service which includes a request of one-time SMS password for every withdrawal. So, activating the SMS protection service in Client Cabinet, the owner of a trading account defends his funds from unauthorized withdrawal by hackers in case the trader password was stolen.

Prize pool

InstaForex Company regularly holds different contests and campaigns for its clients with the annual prize fund of more than $500,000. Thereby, the company’s prize pool is constantly growing. At present, every owner of a trading account with InstaForex Company can participate in monthly and weekly contests and get a part of the prize pool. We annually arrange the raffle of an impressive prize indeed - the automobile (2010 - Hummer H3, 2011 - Lotus Elise, 2012 - Lotus Evora, 2013 - Porshe Cayene). portal for traders

InstaForex Company is a developer of the universal portal for traders MT5 is an international online platform having the unique by its parameters and variety set of tools and services, for all traders. The priority of the portal for traders is providing traders on Forex and other financial markets with timely and up-to-date information about trading helping each trader move to a higher professional level.

Financial expositions

InstaForex Company takes part in international exhibitions all over the world. You have a great chance to meet its representatives at expositions held in the capitals of numerous countries.

Miss Insta Asia beauty contest

Miss Insta Asia beauty contest is a project of InstaForex international broker. Miss Insta Asia is the most unusual beauty contest in the Internet. The contest is mainly targeted at girls from the Asian part of the world, however, each girl, regardless of the place of residence, has an opportunity to take part in the contest and to strive for the Miss Insta Asia title. The total prize pool of the contest is $45,000 that will be shared among three competitors with the majority of votes. The counting of votes is transparent; each user can participate in the voting.

InstaForex trading servers

InstaForex owns 8 trading servers and 50 data centres all over the world which ensure even load distribution. Such extensive network allows rendering reliable and high quality service to more than 3 000 000 clients from every corner of the world and makes the trading process with InstaForex Company very convenient. Regardless of the location, every trading server functions stably and accurately, covering the gap of thousands kilometres from one server to another in 0.2 second. Any client of InstaForex Company opening a live trading account can choose the location of a trading server depending on his preferences and place of residence.
klik here or banner to join.

Instaforex Partnership program

Partnership program

InstaForex Partnership program is a no-risk method of earning secure profit along with InstaForexForex-brokers earn on spreads, which clients pay when they open deals. You can earn part of the broker profits, if you become a partner and attract new clients.

You can work by attracting clients, depending on your skills, and therefore you may choose one of three types of Instaforex partnership program:
  • Trader-partner;
  • Webmaster-partner;
  • Representative-partner.

Instaforex Partnership program general terms
Regardless of the type of partnership chosen, you have access to the following:
1) earning 1 point profit from the spread or 0.01% of the volume of each deal, depending on the account type.
2) a partnership link, which can be placed on a website or personal page.
3) an opportunity to use any information from the InstaForex website and obtain advice on the running of the Instaforex partnership program.

Instaforex Partnership program technology
The idea of the Instaforex partnership program is that any participant spreads information, one way or another, about the company to other people. When those people open accounts at the company, you earn profit with each deal made. There are two ways to record visitors.  Either:
- use a partnership link, where each visitor who links to us within a 6-month time period, automatically becomes your referral if an account is opened within that time period.
- use a record system, where you’ll have to know the full name and trading account number of the client attracted. In order to turn the attracted client into a referral, you have to send an email to the following address, and mention the necessary information as well as give your partnership account number as well. Later you receive credit for the deals the client you attracted makes, as the trading account was opened through your partnership link.   

Instaforex Partnership Program description types

If you are a real Forex market trader and would like to earn additional profit from the Instaforex partnership program without any serious investment in that area, then this type of partnership is for you. You may spread information about the company among your friends and traders.
It is not necessary to open each trading account using your partnership link, because you can use the record system to keep track of clients you attracted, just by keeping track of their full name, and account number.

If you own website, a personal page, blog or any other web resource where you can display InstaForex company information or our website link, then you may become a participate in this type of Instaforex partnership program.
Regardless of how easy it is to use the record system for keeping track clients who opent accounts, this type of Instaforex partnership program implies that the main source of clients will be attracted through partnership resource links, which you place.

This type or Instaforex partnership program is for physical and legal parties in the CIS or Baltic area, who are able to render representative services in their own towns.
Representatives get significant interest rate from each deposit made to a trading account, which is made via their office/service, as their work includes not just work with clients, but also money transactions.
Should you have significant interest in becoming a representative in cities and regions of Russia, CIS or Baltic countries, then InstaForex guarantees an appreciable return for this type of partnership.
Please send all questions dealing with participation in the Instaforex partnership program to the following address

Obat Diabetes Alami dan Herbal

Obat herbal alami untuk diabetes - Obat herbal biasanya membantu menurunkan kadar glukosa darah. Banyak ramuan dan rempah biasa diklaim memiliki khasiat penurunan gula darah sehingga bermanfaat bagi penderita diabetes tipe 2 atau berisiko tinggi. Sejumlah studi klinis telah dilakukan dalam beberapa tahun terakhir yang menunjukkan hubungan potensial antara terapi herbal dan peningkatan kontrol glukosa darah, yang menyebabkan peningkatan pada penderita diabetes dengan menggunakan ramuan alami ini untuk membantu mengatasi kondisi mereka.

Buah Yang Mengandung Vitamin C

Dengan mengkonsumsi makanan kaya vitamin C dapat  membangun pertahanan tubuh Anda terhadap flu. Maka mengkonsumsi segelas jus jeruk setiap hari sangatlah dianjurkan. Meskipun penelitian menunjukkan bahwa mengkonsumsi vitamin C tidak dapat benar-benar mencegah pilek atau flu, pemuatan nutrisi ini sedikit membantu memperpendek lamanya Anda sakit dan mengurangi keparahan gejala Anda. Namun, terlepas dari reputasinya karena mengandung vitamin C, 69,7 mg yang diberikan oleh jeruk jawa sebenarnya masih ada makanan yang mengandung vitamin C lebih tinggi, Berikut ini adalah ulasannya.

Cara Mengembalikan Energi dengan Cepat

Kelelahan adalah keluhan yang umum, terutama setelah orang berusia setengah baya. Untungnya, ada banyak cara sederhana untuk meningkatkan energi. Beberapa bahkan memperlambat proses penuaan.
Inilah cara mengisi ulang energi Anda saat tingkat energi Anda menurun, Dari inilah 9 cara mengembalikan energi anda dengan cepat.

1. Periksa Kedokter

Cara Mengembalikan Energi dengan Cepat
gambar :
Kelelahan adalah gejala umum dari banyak penyakit, termasuk diabetes, penyakit jantung, artritis, anemia, penyakit tiroid, dan apnea tidur. Bicaralah dengan dokter Anda jika Anda merasa sangat lelah.Banyak obat dapat menyebabkan kelelahan. Ini termasuk beberapa obat tekanan darah, antihistamin, diuretik, dan obat-obatan lainnya. Jika Anda mulai mengalami kelelahan setelah memulai pengobatan baru, beritahu dokter Anda.

2. Olahraga

Cara Mengembalikan Energi dengan Cepat
gambar :
Hal terakhir yang mungkin Anda sukai saat Anda lelah berolahraga. Namun banyak penelitian menunjukkan bahwa aktivitas fisik meningkatkan tingkat energi.
"Latihan secara konsisten dikaitkan dengan peningkatan kekuatan dan kualitas hidup secara keseluruhan," kata Kerry J. Stewart, profesor kedokteran dan direktur fisiologi penelitian klinis dan penelitian di Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. "Orang yang menjadi aktif memiliki rasa percaya diri yang lebih besar. Tapi olahraga juga meningkatkan efisiensi kerja jantung, paru-paru, dan otot Anda, "kata Stewart. "Itu setara dengan meningkatkan efisiensi bahan bakar mobil. Ini memberi Anda lebih banyak energi untuk aktivitas apa pun. "

3. Yoga

Cara Mengembalikan Energi dengan Cepat
gambar :
Meskipun hampir latihan apa pun bagus, yoga mungkin sangat efektif untuk meningkatkan energi. Setelah enam minggu mengikuti kelas yoga sekali seminggu, sukarelawan dalam sebuah penelitian di Inggris melaporkan perbaikan dalam pikiran yang jernih, energi, dan kepercayaan diri.
Tidak ada kata terlambat untuk mencoba. Peneliti University of Oregon menawarkan instruksi yoga kepada 135 pria dan wanita berusia 65 sampai 85 tahun. Pada akhir enam bulan, peserta melaporkan peningkatan rasa kesejahteraan dan dorongan energi secara keseluruhan.

4. Minum banyak air

Cara Mengembalikan Energi dengan Cepat
gambar :
Dehidrasi menghilangkan energi dan mengganggu kinerja fisik. "Penelitian kami menunjukkan bahwa dehidrasi membuat atlet sulit menyelesaikan latihan angkat beban," kata Dan Judelson, PhD, asisten profesor kinesiologi di California State University di Fullerton. "Masuk akal untuk berpikir bahwa dehidrasi menyebabkan kelelahan bahkan bagi orang-orang yang baru saja melakukan tugasnya." Dehidrasi juga telah terbukti mengurangi kewaspadaan dan konsentrasi.
Bagaimana mengetahui apakah Anda cukup minum air putih? "Urin harus berwarna kuning pucat atau pucat," kata Judelson. "Jika lebih gelap dari itu, Anda perlu minum air putih."

5. Tidur lebih awal

Kurang tidur meningkatkan risiko kecelakaan dan merupakan salah satu penyebab utama kelelahan siang hari. Solusinya: Tidur cukup awal untuk tidur nyenyak.
Ketika orang-orang yang mendaftar di sebuah studi di Stanford University di tahun 2004 diizinkan untuk tidur selama yang mereka inginkan, mereka melaporkan lebih banyak kekuatan dan sedikit kelelahan. Kebiasaan tidur yang baik mungkin juga memiliki manfaat kesehatan yang penting. Centenarian melaporkan lebih baik daripada rata-rata tidur.
Jika Anda tidak menutup mata, tidur siang singkat. Napping mengembalikan terjaga dan meningkatkan kinerja dan pembelajaran. Tidur 10 menit biasanya cukup untuk meningkatkan energi. Jangan tidur siang lebih lama dari 30 menit, meski, atau mungkin Anda sulit tidur malam itu. Tidur siang diikuti secangkir kopi bisa memberikan dorongan energi lebih besar lagi, menurut American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

6. Makan ikan

Baik untuk jantung Anda, minyak omega-3 juga bisa meningkatkan kewaspadaan. Menurut sebuah penelitian di tahun 2009 oleh para ilmuwan di Universitas Siena di Italia, relawan yang mengkonsumsi kapsul minyak ikan selama 21 hari menunjukkan waktu reaksi mental yang lebih cepat. Mereka juga melaporkan merasa lebih kuat.

7. Jaga waktu

Beberapa orang mendapat semburan energi pagi-pagi sekali. Mereka sering disebut morning larks. Burung hantu malam adalah orang-orang yang terbaik pada akhir hari.
Perbedaan individual dalam pola energi harian ditentukan oleh struktur otak dan genetika, sehingga bisa menjadi sulit untuk berubah. Sebagai gantinya, sadarilah ritme sirkadian Anda sendiri. Kemudian jadwalkan aktivitas yang menuntut saat tingkat energi Anda biasanya berada pada puncaknya.

8. Mengurangi  berat Badan

Kehilangan berat ekstra dapat memberikan dorongan energi yang kuat, kata Stewart, dari Johns Hopkins University. Bahkan pengurangan kecil lemak tubuh memperbaiki mood, semangat, dan kualitas hidup.
Sebagian besar ahli penurunan berat badan menyarankan untuk mengurangi ukuran porsi, makan makanan seimbang, dan meningkatkan aktivitas fisik.

9. Makan lebih sering

Beberapa orang mungkin mendapatkan keuntungan dengan makan makanan yang lebih kecil lebih sering di siang hari. Hal ini dapat membantu menstabilkan kadar gula darah Anda.
Menyukai biji-bijian dan karbohidrat kompleks lainnya. Ini memakan waktu lebih lama dari pada karbohidrat olahan untuk dicerna, mencegah fluktuasi.

Demikianlah cara untuk mengembalikan energi dengan cepat, semoga bermanfaat.

Tips Menjaga Kesehatan yang Tepat

Mencari jalan menuju kesehatan Anda? Tidak sulit ditemukan. Perjalanan dimulai dengan beberapa tweak sederhana untuk gaya hidup Anda. Diet yang tepat, olahraga, dan rencana bantuan stres semuanya memainkan peran besar.
Dilansir dari inilah  tips menjaga kesehatan yang tepat.

1. Diet Jantung

Ada resep yang mudah jika tujuan Anda adalah untuk menghindari masalah seperti penyakit jantung dan stroke, yaitu :
 Tips Menjaga Kesehatan yang Tepat

  1. Makan lebih banyak buah dan sayuran.
  2. Pilih biji-bijian. Cobalah beras merah bukan putih. Beralih ke pasta gandum utuh.
  3. Pilihlah protein tanpa lemak seperti unggas, ikan, kacang-kacangan, dan kacang polong.
  4. Kurangi makanan olahan, gula pasir, garam, dan lemak jenuh.

2. Latihan setiap hari

 Tips Menjaga Kesehatan yang Tepat
gambar :
Semakin aktif Anda, semakin baik, Meng mengatakan. Olahraga meningkatkan kesehatan jantung Anda, membangun kekuatan otot dan tulang, dan mengatasi masalah kesehatan.
Bertujuan untuk 2 setengah jam aktivitas moderat, seperti jalan cepat atau menari, setiap minggu. Jika Anda baik-baik saja dengan olahraga yang kuat, bertahanlah 1 jam 15 menit dalam seminggu seperti berlari atau bermain tenis. Tambahkan beberapa hari latihan kekuatan juga.
Jika Anda sibuk, cobalah semburan aktivitas singkat sepanjang hari. Berjalanlah sering. Target yang bagus adalah 10.000 langkah sehari. Naik tangga. Jagalah mobil Anda jauh dari tempat tujuan Anda.
Montgomery berlatih setiap hari, sering dengan anjingnya. Dengan menambahkan lunge, squat, dan tangga ke jalan-jalan, dia mengubahnya menjadi latihan kekuatan. "Saya juga penggemar Pilates besar," katanya.

3. Menurunkan berat badan

 Tips Menjaga Kesehatan yang Tepat
gambar :
Saat Anda menumpahkan pound Anda akan menurunkan risiko penyakit jantung, diabetes tipe 2, dan kanker.
Bertujuan untuk penurunan yang lambat dan mantap. Usahakan menurunkan 1-2 pon seminggu dengan menjadi aktif dan makan lebih baik.
Saat Anda memperbaiki, dial up waktu dan seberapa keras Anda berolahraga. Jika Anda ingin menurunkan banyak berat badan, cobalah latihan 300 menit seminggu.
Mulailah dengan memotong gula pasir, yang katanya sering disembunyikan di depan mata - barang yang dibeli di toko seperti saus salad, roti kemasan, dan kacang-kacangan. Cobalah untuk menghindari minuman kopi soda dan gula-gula.

4. Mengurangi Stress

 Tips Menjaga Kesehatan yang Tepat
Ini bisa membahayakan kesehatan Anda. Anda mungkin tidak bisa menghindarinya sama sekali, tapi Anda bisa menemukan cara untuk mengurangi dampaknya. Jangan terlalu banyak. Cobalah untuk membatasi diri dan orang lain. Tidak apa-apa untuk mengatakan tidak.
Untuk menghilangkan stres, cobalah:

  1. Bernapas dalam
  2. Meditasi
  3. Yoga
  4. Pijat
  5. Olahraga
  6. Makan sehat

Berbicara dengan teman, anggota keluarga, atau konselor profesional
Ciptakan Kebiasaan Sehat

5. Jika Anda membuat pilihan yang tepat hari ini, Anda bisa menangkal masalah besok.

Seperti melakukan kegiatan berikut ini :

  1. Sikat gigi dua kali sehari dan benang putih setiap hari.
  2. Jangan merokok
  3. Batasi alkohol Anda. Simpan sampai satu gelas sehari.
  4. Jika Anda memiliki obat-obatan, ambillah persis seperti yang diresepkan dokter Anda.
  5. Perbaiki tidurmu Bertujuan selama 8 jam. Jika Anda mengalami kesulitan untuk menutup mata, bicaralah dengan dokter Anda.
  6. Gunakan tabir surya dan jauhkan dari sinar matahari dari pukul 10 pagi sampai 3 sore.
  7. Kenakan sabuk pengaman mu.
  8. Luangkan waktu setiap hari untuk berinvestasi dalam kesehatan Anda, Meng mengatakan.

Demikianlah tips menjaga kesehatan yang tepat, semoga dapat bermanfaat.

titik pijat refleksi telapak kaki kanan dan kiri

titik pijat refleksi telapak kaki kanan dan kiri - Taukah anda ternyata Allah menciptakan sesuatu pasti ada manfaatnya, misalnya telapak kaki kanan maupun kiri yang ternyata memiliki titik pijat refleksi yang bermanfaat sangat besar untuk tubuh kita. Baik untuk pengobatan penyakit maupun untuk menjaga vitalitas dan daya tahan tubuh. Lalu dimanakah titik pijat refleksi telapak kaki baik kanan maupun telapak kaki kiri itu? berikut ini ulasannya.

titik pijat refleksi sakit pinggang pria dan wanita

Titik pijat refleksi sakit pinggang pria dan wanita - sakit  nyeri yangpinggang adalah nyeri yang terasa di bagian belakang.
sakit pinggang berdasarkan durasi atau lamanya dapat dikelompokkan menjadi 3 yaitu :
  1. nyeri pinggang mungkin akut
  2. nyeri pinggang sub-akut
  3. nyeri pinggang kronis